Welcome to Baking Sense!

Baking Sense is the baking and culinary education division of Sam's Cakes & Bakes.
Baking Sense is part of Sam’s goal to provide bakery education to all. During the class, Sam will show you not only how the product is being made, but will also give you some knowledge into the scientific purpose of the ingredients used. As a Food Technologist Baker, he will also highlight certain food hygiene practices, nutrition as well as how the products are commercially produced.
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Baking Sense @ Your Home
Baking Sense @ Your Home offers you and your friends the option to customized recipes which you would like to learn at the comfort and convenience at your preferred venue.
1. Just gather 3 to 4 friends together.
2. Decide on the recipes that you would like to learn (2 recipes).
3. Arrange the Date, Time (3 hours) and Venue (Oven & Mixer is a MUST).
4. Contact Sam to arrange either through phone (91371162) or email sam@sams-cake.com
Course Fees from S$300 per session.
Courses are mostly semi hands-on and all baking ingredients are provided.